Two week Summer Clown School led by Denni Dennis 2nd of August - 13th of August 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark.

This Summer Clown School will be a guided journey to discover your unique, personal and intuitive clown and bring it to life.

Learn how to build up and maintain contact with the audience and how to use the system of the power of three seconds. Denni Dennis will combine his background of the European style of Jacques Lecoq, the Russian character clown and the Pochinko method, with his personal experience working in clown and as a clown teacher.

Throughout this 2 week Summer Clown School he will let the student explore the clown’s world – what makes us laugh and why?

The emphasis will be on having fun and searching for the beauty and poetry of each clown.

The Summer Clown School will allow the student to take space and use the opportunity to explore plastic training, status play, improvisation, parody, and personal creativity, working both individually and within groups.

Practical Information:

Week 1 of the Summer Clown School will be the week where you will get a platform of different clown techniques. You will explore how they work, and how you can put them together for hitting the space called clown.

Week 2 of the Summer Clown School you will get the possibility for using the techniques you have explored in the first week.

In week 2 you will get the possibility for building up characters and acts. You will creat a solo act, a doublet act and a trio in week 2. Denni Dennis will support your process of creating acts, and every day will end with a showing of the afternoon's work for the class.

The 2nd week of the Summer Clown School will end with a Cabaret Night, where all acts created at the Summer Clown School will have the possibility to be performed and tried out in front of an audience.

Week 1: 2nd - 6th of August, 10am - 5pm 

Week 2: 9th - 13rd of August, 10am - 5pm 

Cabaret Night on Friday 13rd of August at 9pm 

Summer Clown School - 2 weeks - Price 5.000,- DKK 

Only week 1 - Price 3.000,- DKK

Participants are responsible for their own travel, food, and housing arrangements as well as for providing their own health insurance that will cover medical care in Denmark for the duration of the program.


Create your own personal Clown Solo Script based on the GPS Movement System methods. 

In this LAB you will explore your own personal stories through 12 guided video transcription sessions running over 3 weeks. 

As a part of a small exclusive group of performers, you will be together in the morning classes, exploring movements from your spine through the GPS Movement System. You will create 99 personal movements from your emotional DNA, based on the 16 archetype melodramatic feelings, which will be used for the devising and creating of your script.

Based on your personal 99 movements DNA, created from the 16 melodramatic feelings, you will explore what stories you need to tell during the afternoons over the 3 weeks.

A script based on your personal life experience, transformed into a script with a universal connection.

Speaking from the heart - you will be using the power of the clown nose - expressing the truth of your heart, your dreams and desires.

Facing your world and speaking the voice of what the world around you looks like.

Limited space is available for this LAB.


Full price 3 week Solo Script LAB2020: 600 Euro

Early Bird Price for 3 week Solo Script LAB2022 by Booking/Full payment before 12th OCTOBER 2021:  500  Euro

Deposit for securing a place:  100  Euro 

Participants are responsible for their own travel, food, and housing arrangements as well as for providing their own health insurance that will cover medical care in Spain for the duration of the program.



Booking for Summer Clown School 2021/ Solo Script LAB2022 with visa request 

expect 4-5 months of process 

Denni Dennis, born in Denmark and founder of his international Company

 "Denni Dennis Company of Clowns"

Denni has extensive training in the Jacques Lecoq style of mime, the Russian character clown, and the Pochinko method (Native American spiritual clown) which he has been studying with Sue Morrison in Canada.

Denni is also a student in mime teaches by the Russian theater professor Elena Markova.

His work has taken him around Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Russia both as a professional clown, workshop leader and director.

He combines clown, mask, dance, acting, and improvisation in order to create unique and dynamic characters.

His clown work has been featured in theatre, circus, dance performance and art installation.


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